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November • 17th • 2015

Whether it’s your morning cup, post lunch hit or evening cappuccino, there’s nothing quite like a great coffee. Even before the first sip the smooth delicate froth captures your attention, the aroma of freshly ground beans engulfs your senses. Our highly skilled Jolly baristas understand what makes a great coffee, and they serve it with a smile.

Melbourne is the coffee capital of the world and great coffee is at the heart of Jolly Miller. We serve the best single-origin coffee from across the globe right to your table with a fresh slice of homemade cheesecake or a triple-choc cookie. Each month we hand select a different single-origin coffee bean, looking for distinct character and flavour from around the world. From the chocolate and cherry aromas of Nicaragua to the fruity and floral flavours of Ethiopia, Jolly Miller brings you a great coffee experience.



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