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We are heading your way Caroline Springs!

February • 11th • 2019

Jolly Miller signage!

That's right! Not only are we opening Altona Meadows in March but we've got another surprise up our sleeve - we're heading to Caroline Springs! We are so excited for this new adventure and finding a home at Caroline Springs Square, right by the entrance to the new Woolworths!

Our friends in Caroline Springs can expect our new branding and design on display with sleek floors and gorgeous decor. It'll be the best place for a coffee catch up or a weekend brunch with friends and family. 

We'll be opening in early April, expecting there are no small bumps.  We'll have more details available soon so keep checking our Facebook page and here for all the updates. We will be throwing another huge Grand Opening party to celebrate too and everyone will be invited! You won't want to miss it. 



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